Vote Twinbytes #1 Computer Repair for 2014

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Enter to win a $250 shopping spree
Ontario residents only.

2014 Readers ChoiceI need your help again.  We won best computer repair in Markham in 2009 and 2011 and need your help again so big box store doesn’t take it again with their huge marketing efforts.

Please read all details below in order to have your vote valid, or it doesn’t count.

Contest closed December 11th 5pm

How to vote for Twinbytes?

  1. Important! Read all details below first. If you don’t complete properly you don’t qualify to win, and your vote doesn’t help us.
  2. Go to the survey
  3. On page one fill out your info. Answer “yes” to #4 and #5 but you can say “no” to #6 if you want.
  4. on page two, start choosing companies you wish to vote for. (There is no “Back” button, take your time)
    Warning! You MUST chose a minimum of 25 “different” companies to qualify. Your ballot will be disqualified if less than 25 nominations are submitted.
    If you need help picking companies to vote for in Markham if you are outside of the Markham area, you can refer to or just do a Google search for whatever category and specify “Markham” at the end without the quotes.
  5. on page three(3) #75, please enter “Twinbytes Inc.” as your vote.
  6. Continue voting for other companies ensuring you choose a minimum of 25 different (must be different) companies.  I was making an effort to remember names at first to ensure 25 different companies but then I easily got 35-40 different companies I voted for.

If you would like to vote for us but not sure what 25 different companies to vote for, please ask for suggestions.

About Daniel Gauthier

work as a peace officer in various forms. Daniel wrote a book in 2009 called “Tech-Knowledgy” which got him on television and radio a few times. The concept behind the book was “to level the playing field between computer techs and non-techies so they don’t get take advantage of”. Daniel has a couple certifications including MCP and A+; he is preparing to write the Network+ exam and has studied CEH (Certified Ethical Hacker) and CHFI (Computer Hacking Forensics Investigator). Daniel has run his own computer service business “TwinBytes” since 2004. He has done a few talks on cyber security and generally enjoys training, educating and helping others.