Surf the web anonymously – FREE

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As you may well be aware, we are being spied on while online. It’s no secret and I’m not a member of the tin foil hat society. It’s just a reality that’s public knowledge where companies such as those in the music industry have been charged with spying on those pirating their music and they’d go as far as planting… Read more »

Speed Up your computer with SSD

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First off, if you don’t know what it means, SSD stands for Solid State Drive.  The biggest bottleneck in any computer these days is your hard drive.  We have fast CPU’s, lots of RAM, and the other technical terms you might not understand are all increased.  But hard drives still spin at a maximum 7,200 RPM unless you get the faster… Read more »

How to modify AVG Firewall settings

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This article was written specifically for our clients that use AVG CloudCare managed virus protection which has a firewall built in.  As of this article, we can not remotely managed your firewall settings, but we can remotely manage everything else.  You may find that if you have network connectivity problems you may have to allow traffic through your firewall.  Generally,… Read more »

Microsoft Outlook autocomplete vs. Address Book

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This kb article from Microsoft kb 2199226 shows exactly why it is important to save your important Outlook contacts in your address book properly rather than just rely on the false pretense that they are safe in the autocomplete forever.  They are temporary, not permanent and if you read the kb article carefully you’ll see there are limits as well… Read more »

Control Windows 10 updates better

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If you have upgraded to Windows 10 there’s something you might want to consider adjusting right away to avoid potential problems and reboots at inappropriate times. There are three settings all in the same place which you want to make as per the image below. Change the first option from “Automatic (Recommended)” to “Notify to schedule restart” Put a check… Read more »

Google Photos – Unlimited, free, smaller.

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I was chatting with family friends at a dinner the other night and this retired gentlemen was telling me how he stores all his photos on Google Photos and it’s unlimited.  I know as a tech there there’s always fine print.  So, I had to find out but I wasn’t going to start testing and confirming while we were having dinner, so… Read more »

Quality of Computers

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Many people when purchasing just about anything, including items other than computers or electronics, are so focused on the price, that they don’t truly look at what they are getting for the price.  Sometimes I hear “I could get a new computer for that price”.  I say “what kind of computer would you get for that price?” and “it wouldn’t be a… Read more »

SmartPhones and virus protection

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With the amount of SmartPhone use in today’s world, people are doing almost as much on their phones as they do on laptops and desktop computers.  This includes email, web surfing as well as shopping and banking online.  There are apps to even scan cheques with your smart phone and deposit into your bank account. Some of you might think… Read more »

AVG Free edition – Without Zen please!

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AVG is pretty awesome, but why force the Zen on every install of AVG free edition?  Many people just have a single computer to manage and don’t want Zen getting in the way as an extra program, no only to download and install but the shortcut that gets created on the desktop is Zen, which from there you can open… Read more »

Phone Support Scams – Don’t call us, we’ll call you!

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Most of you by now must have either experienced this if not heard someone who has, where you will get a call from someone claiming to be from Microsoft or your phone provider, etc.  See my previous article: Now that consumers have gotten educated and know better (most of you at least), there is a new method they use.  They don’t… Read more »