Monthly SEO fees vs. monthly Pay Per click fees

Explained: Why should I pay a monthly fee to some company to do ongoing SEO when I can pay Google Pay Per click myself and still get top rankings?

I’ll answer this question which I’m sure many people ask.  The answer can be quite simple.

  1. Most people (including yourself maybe) according to surveys, are more likely to click on an organic link (done by SEO) versus a Google Pay Per Click (PPC).  That in itself gives it more value.
  2. PPC fees are constantly going up and down depending on various elements that affect the market and set the bidding war making it hard to control.  SEO is a flat monthly fee which is easier to budget for.
  3. If you are doing PPC yourself, you need to understand how to optimize your PPC ads properly, rather than just assume it’s effective because you are at the top.  With SEO, you are paying an expert that knows how to do all this and they will ensure not only you get to the first page, but that when you are on the first page, you are displayed in a way that looks more inviting to potential customers so they will click on your link to visit your website.
  4. Once a prospect visits your website, it needs to look good and function well to close the deal.  This has nothing to do with this topic, however it’s something you wouldn’t think about if doing PPC yourself, but if you hired an SEO expert, you would certainly be informed of your options and they would handle things.

I don’t think the above list needs expanding on, however, I’d like to add that you need to be careful when chosing an SEO company.  Be sure you get the detail of what they can do for you and a general idea of what methods they use.  You don’t need to steal business secrets, but you want to know, are they using methods that sound more “black hat” or “white hat”.


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