Microsoft Office EOL (End Of Life) support

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If you didn’t know Microsoft Office software expires, you could be in trouble.  Most of us know we need to run Windows updates, but don’t always think about Office updates.  The updates patch vulnerabilities that could be exploited by hackers to get into our networks.  Having outdated software is like having your house locked but the door can be easily kicked in and your security system it outdated and easily compromised.

I wrote an article previously on Microsoft Windows EOL but realized I didn’t have one on Office EOL.  Now with MS Office 2007 having expired end of life last month October 10th, this is critical as I still have clients running this software that are slow to upgrade.  This is a problem for two reasons.

  1. No one will want to support you because Microsoft gave us all fair warning they will stop supporting it.
  2. Although the product can still continue to work, it is a security vulnerability where hackers can get in your system.  if you think anti-virus will protect you then you are just fooling yourself.  Anti-virus won’t do anything for you in this case because it’s not a virus, it’s a hacker!

Here’s a couple helpful links:

This link shows you Office 2007 expiry date for each individual product, which is kinda silly since they are all the same date pretty well being an Office package.

You can also read about Microsoft’s lifecycle poilicy via the following link:

or search for a specific Microsoft product life support:


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