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Want to know how to make a long website address short?  There are several websites out there that will do this for you. is one that works great.  I use it myself for marketing purposes.  For example I have this long website address that I want to put into a newspaper ad, but it’s way too long.  So, I go onto and past this long website address in there, specify what my custom URL will be after the part and click “Make TinyURL!”.  Done!

You don’t have to choose a custom URL and just click the “Make TinyURL” button and it will come up with a random name itself.  I like to specify one.  So my long address of I shorted to which as you can see is so much shorter.

Other website services to shorten your long URL are from Google looks interesting as it seems to track clicks, however the only thing is it’s publicly accessible which is not good for business usually, as competitors could be seeing how well your link is doing.

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