How to find the right driver

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Many times you have a system that you just can’t find the driver for.  Especially if it’s an older computer with no tag number to easily find the driver on the manufacturers website.  Even if you found the right website and web page, some drivers say unknown and it’s hard to know what you have in your computer that you could possibly be missing.  Here’s a neat little tool that can help.

HWiNFO32 – It’s a strange name, but does a great job.  You can download the latest copy from here

You can tell in the picture to the left, (Click to see full size) it breaks down all hardware you have installed and you can drill down through the menus to see more and more detail and on the right side fo the screen is great detail about that particular device you have highlighted.

The section that says Hardware ID: you can copy that, paste it into Google, yes Google is your friend, and you may be surprised how fast you’ll find the right driver.  It may not come from the manufacturers website, so be careful what links you click on.  I would never recommend downloading drivers from anywhere other than the official manufacturers website, so please use this tool carefully at your own risk.


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