How to enable Parental control advisor in Internet Explorer

If you want to control what websites your child has access to in Internet Explorer, which is the default web browser in pretty well all Windows desktop computers, this article shows you how.

Click Tools (Or the icon of the bolt in the top right corner of your Internet browser) and then select “Internet Options”.  You can also access Internet Options from your Control Panel.

  1.  Once Internet Options is open, click on the “Content” tab.
  2. Click on “Content Advisor”
  3.  You now have the ability to control what content can be viewed, without having to setup a separate account for parental controls.  Many options in the “Ratings” tab to choose from.  Click one and under that selection box adjust the slider from “none” as is no content that shows this type of information, to “limited”, or to “unrestricted”.  As your child gets older, you can slowly increase the slider for certain areas to “unrestricted” as they may need to do research for school at certain grade levels.
  4. Click “Approved sites” tab to type in a list of websites that you allow your child to view.
  5. Click on the “General” tab to set more options including creating a password for you to block your child from going in here and changing these settings, should they find this location.  Also, you may be able to type in passwords as needed.  For example, if the option above is checked “Supervisor can type a password to allow …” this means if your child tries to visit a website they are not allowed to see because of the current restrictions, they are prompted for a password.  They can ask you to type in the password, and you can then choose to save the password and allow this website forever, or this time only.

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