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Surf the web anonymously – FREE

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As you may well be aware, we are being spied on while online. It’s no secret and I’m not a member of the tin foil hat society. It’s just a reality that’s public knowledge where companies such as those in the music industry have been charged with spying on those pirating their music and they’d go as far as planting… Read more »

Giveaway contest – Free Winx HD Video Converter Deluxe has graciously donated 3 licenses for us to give away during this contest to our readers. has all the details about the product and how great it is. It has over 320 video codecs, 50 audio codecs, and more than 280 preset profiles to convert videos for playing on many different devices. How to Win: Comment below and/or… Read more »

How to backup WordPress Website

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Many websites and blogs are WordPress based, like this one.  Most people assume that with the “Cloud” there is no need to backup.  Wrong!  Your websites and blogs are merely hosted on someone else’s computer.  That computer can die.  You may be paying them to host your website, but they are not responsible for your data (your website or blog content).  Many web… Read more »

Texting is for children

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Texting is for kids. Seriously, let me explain. When it comes to business, managers, sales reps and business owners usually have a Blackberry (like myself) or an iPhone or some smartphone that accepts email. So first off, you should be emailing them so they get your message not only while they are anywhere in the world with their smartphone, but… Read more »

Computer repair for bikers

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Where do bikers (motorcycle riders) go to get their computers fixed? Yes, bikers have computers too and there’s a relationship that is established quickly between all bikers. Hard to explain to non-bikers but if you ever noticed why bikers put their hand out to wave as they pass each other while going in opposite directions, you’ll know. We wave to… Read more »

Buy a new computer before Feb 1st, 2011 – claim 100%

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There’s never been a better time to buy a new computer if you own a business.  This month of December is the best time to buy especially if December is your fiscal year end.  You can claim it for this year, you’re only paying money up front at the end of the year, not having to wait long to get… Read more »

FREE advertising opportunity if you work in York Region

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There’s an amazing opporutnity with the Richmond Hill Rotary club and Rogers television where you can donate a product or service valued at over $100 and you get air time while they auction off your product or service for charity. I just donated 7 gift certificates for free computer services along with 7 copies of my book for them… Read more »

Motorcycle RideForDreams – September 18th, 2010

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If you own a motorcycle, you need to come out to this first annual event.  If you don’t own one but love motorcycles, come hang out, check the bikes, see them take off and see them return for the party.  Prizes for top fund raisers and a 50/50 draw for all who attend.  Free BBQ for those who raise the minimum… Read more »

Readers Choice Awards – Vote for Twinbytes

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The Markham Economist and Sun Readers Choice awards are here again to vote for your favorite businesses in Markham, Ontario.  Thanks for voting TwinBytes best computer repair in 2009!  I really appreciate it and I would love to get your votes again for best computer repair in 2010.  The voting form came out in the Economist paper yesterday (Thursday September… Read more »