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Linux is the future and will eventually take out Microsoft Windows and Apple Macintosh! At least, that’s what some experts are saying. There’s a history of people leaning towards free software versus paid and Linux is free. Even better, it runs on almost any hardware like Windows and unlike the Mac.

Bash Flaw Affecting Linux and Mac Systems

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I love pointing out flaws with Apple, simply because people are so ignorant saying “Apple is better than Microsoft because they never get viruses or crash”.  People purchasing Apple for the sole reason of thinking they don’t have problems are in for a rude awakening.  Especially after recent events that hit the news.  Most upsetting is that Apple representatives refuse… Read more »

Introduction to Linux Ubuntu 11.10

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If you are a Windows user and have been thinking about switching to a Mac for reasons of more stability, security and less viruses, you might want to check out this video below on Linux Ubuntu.  It’s a free alternative to Mac and Windows and best of all, it runs on Windows type hardware so you are not stuck with… Read more »

The future of Apple, Microsoft, and Linux…

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When I started playing around with computers including programming and games, it was around the age of the first personal computer with Commodore 64 using tapes, which then lead to 5 1/2 inch floppies, and then to 3 1/4 inch floppies with the hard shell.  We finally got into CD’s which was great!  Then DVD’s came, USB flash drives, external… Read more »