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FREE Microsoft Office Training

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It’s hard enough trying to keep up with technology in general and all the software updates.  Overall, software vendors make improvements, but sometimes they make things more difficult, or at least it seems that way until you learn and get used to the changes. What may seem totally unexpected for many people, Microsoft has actually produced a series of FREE… Read more »

DNS Changer infection

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There is much going around all the news sites about a DNS changer infection.  It’s real.  This is something to check out.  DNS is part of your network settings that tells your computer how to communicate on your local network and Internet.  You may have a problem with Internet being down now because of this, or it could be working… Read more »

Safety online – for business and kids.

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As technology continues to improve, our safety, and the safety of our children in this digital age declines.  There are a number of things you should be aware of in how to practice safe surfing online. Learning to identify safe sites is key.  When you do a search, your anti-virus protection should identify what links are safe to click on… Read more »

How to ensure Facebook privacy to friends only

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Online privacy is a growing concern, and especially with many young surfers on the web posting all kinds of personal information on Facebook especially, you want to be sure it is secure so only friends can see your pictures, likes, dislikes, etc.  There are many hoaxes being passed around via Facebook claiming how to handle it, and it’s not true…. Read more »

How to monitor your Google Ad-words

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Advertising online is more powerful then ever before.  If your website is not #1 in the areas you want yet organically, that’s something you want to work on, but in the mean time, a quick and easy solution is Google Adwords and this blog shows you how to login and monitor it.  If you set it up yourself initially, you… Read more »

Change email passwords regularly

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Happy New Year! Here’s a tip to start your year off right!  It’s also serving as a reminder which I will try to do more often for everyone via my Facebook, Twitter and Linked In pages.  It’s time to change your passwords for…well…everything probably. OK, so there are two points to this article, one is your passwords should be at… Read more »

Businesses recieving payment by Interac Email Money Transfer

I had my first email money tranfer payment a while ago and deleted it by accident probably thinking it was spam because the person didn’t tell they paid that way, and I called the bank to see how secure this is, and they confirmed the procedure and that it is safe.  The only way I knew about this was when I called… Read more »

Password security

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Changing passwords regularly is important to avoid being hacked.  For all your online websites.  Also is having proper passwords following some basic guidelines.  Hostpapa for example, just sent me an email letting me know their improving security by automatically forcing us to change our passwords every 90 days.  This is a pain in the *** but at the same time,… Read more »

New gadgets and features mean new threats

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New gadgets, features, and online services are coming out faster than we can say “Tech-Knowledgy”, and that means more ways for hackers to get access to your information.  We have a hard enough time keeping up with patches to existing software, but we continuously have more new technology in different areas that create new risks to our identity, etc. A… Read more »

Why people are looking for alternatives to Geek Squad and Nerds

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There are so many computer repair companies out there trying to make a quick buck, and they don’t care about customer service in the least.  Ofcourse, we are all in business (regardless of the type of business) to make money.  We’re not running a charity here.  However, there comes a point when you don’t “get what you pay for”.  Everyone’s… Read more »