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Facebook “Likes” – Is it setup correctly?

With social media and Facebook taking off as fast as it has and privacy concerns starting to catch up, it’s important to understand things like Facebook “Likes” and if you are accomplishing what you want.  The entire point of Facebook “Likes”, in “Liking” a page, is to show others what your interests are and help show your support for businesses. Let’s… Read more »

Should we stop using Java?

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Lots of news floating around about the security concerns of Java.  U.S. Government of Homeland Security says to disable it and discontinue use at once.  The problem with Java is it seems to be constantly exploited and computers are getting infected.  A patch comes out, assuming you install the patch right away, you are ok.  For now, until the next… Read more »

WordPress security – Reduce chances of being hacked

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 WordPress is so popular for websites and blogs alike now, that hackers are more attracted to those websites and blogs for trying out their hacking skills. There are so many vulnerabilities for your operating system whether it be Microsoft Windows or Apple OS, or the applications that run on them.  There are regular updates for all these products including security… Read more »