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Bash Flaw Affecting Linux and Mac Systems

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I love pointing out flaws with Apple, simply because people are so ignorant saying “Apple is better than Microsoft because they never get viruses or crash”.  People purchasing Apple for the sole reason of thinking they don’t have problems are in for a rude awakening.  Especially after recent events that hit the news.  Most upsetting is that Apple representatives refuse… Read more »

64 Million reasons not to use the cloud

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Although the article is just over a year old, Bloomberg has a great article that shows why many people are hesitant to move completely to the cloud.  Not every business is ready to move all their data to the cloud. Everyone talks about the cloud because it’s different and sounds exciting.  Everyone wants the latest and greatest, but sometimes the… Read more »

New Canadian anti-spam laws

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Marketing in this world of technology now that we evolved to a point that new laws had to be created to govern the processes. Just as we had to create a new mailing list with opt-in clients only, you also will need to do the same if you send emails out regularly to clients and/or prospects.  You could be fined for… Read more »

Heartbleed bug

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If you haven’t heard yet, this is all over the Internet. The Heartbleed bug is a serious vulnerability in the popular OpenSSL cryptographic software library.  This is used by 2/3 (two thirds) of the Internet including remote support tools by your technician, etc.  You can read a lot about this bug at their website I’ve always told people to beware… Read more »

Rogers SMTP and SSL for email

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Rogers issued an alert which is causing some panic in the overall security of your email.  First I want to set your mind at east that any email communication you are sending that has confidential information probably shouldn’t be sent via email in the first place as it is open for people to grab while in transit. With that… Read more »

AVG update takes over home page and new tabs

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AVG recently released an update that prompts you to install or decline.  This is for AVG Safeguard toolbar.  If you do not decline this update, it takes over your home page and you can change your homepage back continuously to what it used to be, but after you reboot, it changes right back again to AVG Safe Search as your… Read more »

10 easy tips to help you avoid viruses

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As time goes on, viruses just get more complex, harder to identify and there’s just a lot more of them.  It could be a punk kid testing out his programming skills and wants to see if he/she can make the news.  It could be a company that is tired of hackers pirating their software.  Either way, a virus is not… Read more »

Facebook “Likes” – Is it setup correctly?

With social media and Facebook taking off as fast as it has and privacy concerns starting to catch up, it’s important to understand things like Facebook “Likes” and if you are accomplishing what you want.  The entire point of Facebook “Likes”, in “Liking” a page, is to show others what your interests are and help show your support for businesses. Let’s… Read more »

Should we stop using Java?

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Lots of news floating around about the security concerns of Java.  U.S. Government of Homeland Security says to disable it and discontinue use at once.  The problem with Java is it seems to be constantly exploited and computers are getting infected.  A patch comes out, assuming you install the patch right away, you are ok.  For now, until the next… Read more »

WordPress security – Reduce chances of being hacked

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 WordPress is so popular for websites and blogs alike now, that hackers are more attracted to those websites and blogs for trying out their hacking skills. There are so many vulnerabilities for your operating system whether it be Microsoft Windows or Apple OS, or the applications that run on them.  There are regular updates for all these products including security… Read more »