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Online Internet safety for parents whose children are using social networking like Facebook, online chats, etc.

Making your Facebook private

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I’ve been asked to help many people with locking down their Facebook either for themselves after being separated/divorced so their spouse can’t see all their activity, or for their children to make sure public in general can’t see them, especially school bullies viewing their profiles even though they are not friends.  Hackers use this to gain information about you to… Read more »

Gamer safety information for parents

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OK, Some adults are huge gamers too, but usually the kids are more important and the parents need to be aware of the dangers involved with overdoing it.  They may not even be aware of these potential hazards or Seizures or RSI’s. We all heard hours of watching TV is bad for anyone.  You need to get up and move around… Read more »

How to view Internet History in IE9

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How to view your (or your child’s) history of websites visited.  This articles shows you how easy it is, assuming they have not deleted the history ahead of time, or have the web browser set to automatically delete before you have a chance to look at it.  Even if they do have it set to delete automatically, you can change… Read more »

Setup parental control limits in Windows 7 (how to)

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Here are a few things you can do with Windows 7 to limit your child’s access on the computer online or offline, even when you’re not around to watch them and control their access. First, you need two accounts.  One login account for yourself with Administrator privileges, and one for your child with limited access. Below are instructions to setup that… Read more »

Monitor your childs smart phone – cell phone.

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Today’s world of technology many kids have cell phones / smart phones and although it can come in handy for when the are out with friends and you want to know you can get in touch with them; it’s also a safety risk in itself. With texting, email and messaging apps on the smart phones, it makes it easy for… Read more »

How to enable Parental control advisor in Internet Explorer

If you want to control what websites your child has access to in Internet Explorer, which is the default web browser in pretty well all Windows desktop computers, this article shows you how. Click Tools (Or the icon of the bolt in the top right corner of your Internet browser) and then select “Internet Options”.  You can also access Internet… Read more »

Control Google Search restrictions

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This article shows how to easily set Google Search results restrictions. In the top right corner of a Google Search page, click the bolt icon (tools) and click “Search Settings”. You will then be prompted with a screen (as seen below) that allows you to choose if you want “no filtering” which includes all the dirties, or “Moderate”, which still… Read more »

Bullying online hurts too

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I watched a movie the other day and this little girl in the movie said, “isn’t it funny the word ‘school’ rhymes with ‘cruel’?”.  Hmmm.  Most bullying seems to take place in school because for one thing, they’re still just children, and secondly they are all trying to pull rank on each other (meaning, who’s the big dog, since it seems… Read more »

Internet safety for parents: Facebook

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In the old days, parents were merely concerned about kids getting hurt at school or while playing just outside their house.  Now, with the age of technology where everything and everyone is online (on the Internet) we have new threats to watch out for.  I myself am a parent as well (as some of you loyal readers already know) of… Read more »

Safety online – for business and kids.

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As technology continues to improve, our safety, and the safety of our children in this digital age declines.  There are a number of things you should be aware of in how to practice safe surfing online. Learning to identify safe sites is key.  When you do a search, your anti-virus protection should identify what links are safe to click on… Read more »