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Apple is the new Microsoft

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I can’t believe it!  Apple won the case against Samsung for copyright infringement and is awarded over $1 Billion!  There’s a lot of opinions and comments on the news articles online but if you read them it’s interesting.  A Lot of people are clueless and blindly say “yay for Apple, they’re better”.  But then you learn that Apple needs the… Read more »

Solution: Laptop powers on but nothing on screen

Here’s a quick fix for many makes and models of laptops that have problems turning on.  When you hit the power button, you may see lights for the power button, etc but nothing appears on the screen.  Not even an error message.  You can see the hard drive light blinking and maybe hear the hard drive spinning, but just a black… Read more »

Cold boot versus Warm boot

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After hearing enough times about how rebooting fixes a lot, what is the difference between cold booting and warm booting?  I’ll explain the answer here. The short answer is, cold boot means turn the computer off then on.  Warm boot means to reboot the computer without shutting all the way down.  The idea is that when you reboot, the computer stays warm… Read more »

The future of Apple, Microsoft, and Linux…

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When I started playing around with computers including programming and games, it was around the age of the first personal computer with Commodore 64 using tapes, which then lead to 5 1/2 inch floppies, and then to 3 1/4 inch floppies with the hard shell.  We finally got into CD’s which was great!  Then DVD’s came, USB flash drives, external… Read more »

Hard drive warranties are being reduced

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Both of Western Digital and Seagate internal HDD will be changing their warranty policies on the new year of 2012. Western Digital – Effective date on January 2nd, 2012. Desktop and Mobile (Blue and Green family lines) change from 3 years to 2 years. Black product line will remain at 5 years warranty. Enterprise class products stay at 5 years… Read more »

WiFi health concerns in school – view from a technology expert

As a computer technology expert, author, regular guest speaker on CKWR radio as well as a speaker on Breakfast Television and Rogers Daytime, I write my professional opinion on this issue. From a recent article in York Region’s paper parents are pulling their kids out of school due to health concerns around the wireless network access (WiFi) in schools.  There are actually… Read more »

Computer hard drive prices more than doubled in price in about a month!

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I recently went to order a hard drive through my regular supplier and noticed there are none showing with prices.  I asked them and it’s due to the prices of hard drives recently sky rocketing that they can’t keep updating the price list because every day it seems to be going up a bit more! I read an article that… Read more »

Apple Vs. Windows, who needs repairs more often?

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Apple vs. Windows.  There’s obviously more computer repair shops for Micrsoft Windows than there are for Apple computers.  But Microsoft also has more market share too.  So you can’t compare directly like this who has repairs more often.  You need to break it down by market share, do a little math and figure it out.  Let’s walk through this together…. Read more »

Will Apple die now that Steve Jobs is gone?

What will happen with Apple now that Steve Jobs has passed away?  Will Apple lose its momentum?  Will Apple lose a huge chunk of their market share? Experts and speakers on behalf of Apple have been talking about how Apple has been setup with good management and excellent players with expertise in various areas that they should sustain their market… Read more »