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Problems with thin notebooks

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People are buying into the idea that thinner and lighter is better.  Sure light weight helps when you’re carrying around a notebook/laptop all day, however to make it lighter you are giving up a few features such as now having a smaller screen, smaller battery, no DVD drive, and a thin screen.  So you’re probably wondering why I say a… Read more »

Speed Up your computer with SSD

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First off, if you don’t know what it means, SSD stands for Solid State Drive.  The biggest bottleneck in any computer these days is your hard drive.  We have fast CPU’s, lots of RAM, and the other technical terms you might not understand are all increased.  But hard drives still spin at a maximum 7,200 RPM unless you get the faster… Read more »

Quality of Computers

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Many people when purchasing just about anything, including items other than computers or electronics, are so focused on the price, that they don’t truly look at what they are getting for the price.  Sometimes I hear “I could get a new computer for that price”.  I say “what kind of computer would you get for that price?” and “it wouldn’t be a… Read more »

What hard drive do I have installed?

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If you want to know how to find out what hard drive you have installed in your computer system, we’ll show you how you can find out, assuming your running a Windows operating system.  You might assume if you bought a DELL computer it is all DELL parts; same whether it’s HP, Lenovo, Samsung, Toshiba, or any other brand.  You… Read more »

Alert Shirt – 4D sensory technology

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Technology is getting cooler but is it getting out of hand?  This below linked Video from Bloomberg shows an example of a product that takes our sensory experience to the next level.  We have 3D movies and 3D televisions, but now we’re looking at 4th dimensional experiences watching TV.  Really! If you’ve seen the movie, “The Matrix”, I think you’ll… Read more »

Planning budget for computer replacement

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Computers can only be expected to last 3-5 years and 5 years is the maximum support life Microsoft gives to their software, plus 5 years extended support for resellers, so in total, the maximum support life for any given computer you can expect is 10 years.  Let’s break this down in an example for you.  Assuming the computers can actually… Read more »

The maximum RAM memory supported for Windows 8

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As an update to the maximum RAM supported for Windows 7, here’s my updated list I pulled from Microsoft’s website documented below on what the maximum memory is for the various Windows 8 editions. Any 32bit version has a maximum memory of 4GB, but almost all systems you find now will be 64 bit, but just be sure.   If it… Read more »

How to find the right driver

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Many times you have a system that you just can’t find the driver for.  Especially if it’s an older computer with no tag number to easily find the driver on the manufacturers website.  Even if you found the right website and web page, some drivers say unknown and it’s hard to know what you have in your computer that you… Read more »

Samsung stricks back! Take that Apple!

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I was right!  I predicted it in my article after Apple sued Samsung for copyright  infringement and won.  Apple doesn’t manufacture all the parts that go into the Apple iPhone!  They outsource to suppliers for the various parts.  Some things they may make themselves including the operating system, but otherwise they need to rely on good healthy business partnerships. After… Read more »