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What scams and hoaxs are out there online and via email that you need to watch out for. Things not to click on and not to forward to everyone if it’s a hoax.

Virus alert – my girlfriend’s self-view video

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If you receive the following email it’s obviously a virus because of the link to girls.exe which the sender made no effort to hide.  This is very old school and anyone that clicks on this and gets a virus doesn’t know the basics of being safe with emails.  Yes, you can get a virus through an email and the emails… Read more » test

      1 Comment on test is up in the air whether it is a scam or not.  I created a new email address to create a new Youtube account, which I followed all the steps as depected below to gain 1,000 subscribers.  I created the account today, October 14th, 2010 and did the steps on today as well.  Let’s see how many subscribers… Read more »

Latest Facebook, virus or hoax? “OMG! Look what happens when FATHER catches DAUGHTER on her WEBCAM!… CLICK HERE TO SEE”

Is it a virus?  Is it a hoax?  Apparently can’t find it on, Symantec, or McAfee yet.  It’s worth mentioning right away and I’ll update this post soon as I know more.  At this time, it appears to be a video that links to nothing and you’ll notice the “like” on Facebook from a friend doesn’t give you the option… Read more »

Scam – Email from Canada Revenue Agency Tax Refund

If you get an email like below that appears to be from the Canada Revenue Agency, claiming you have a refund and to click the link to access the form, don’t do it. The link points to and is not safe to click on. If you look closely (where I’ve bolded) the actual domain name (company) is not… Read more »