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Articles on various DIY computer repair tips from basic to advanced. Instructions on how to actually fix specific problems.

AVG 2013 Driver installation failed [Solved]

Problems installing AVG 2013 upgrade [Solved].  Trying to install AVG 2013 and many people having the same issue.  Download and go through the install, almost all the way through until finally gets near the end and gives an error “Driver Installation Failed.  Error code 0xC0070643.   MSI action failed.  Error code 0xE0010057” Uninstalling and reinstalling doesn’t work, registry cleaners don’t help. … Read more »

How to hack administrator password

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Computer repair tip: Hacking into Windows I’ve had to use this method several times to reset various user passwords when someone forgot their password.  It’s handy when it’s your kids computer that they have you locked out and you want to see what they are doing (as a concerned parent), or you are an employer and a past (disgruntled) employee… Read more »

Cold boot versus Warm boot

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After hearing enough times about how rebooting fixes a lot, what is the difference between cold booting and warm booting?  I’ll explain the answer here. The short answer is, cold boot means turn the computer off then on.  Warm boot means to reboot the computer without shutting all the way down.  The idea is that when you reboot, the computer stays warm… Read more »

Computer repair tip #2 – Windows updates, Adobe updates, Java, etc.

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Typically, when speaking with some people, they say “I have Norton installed” or “I have AVG” or some other antivirus program they will quote, telling me it is up to date and doing scans.  What they don’t realize, and I explain to all my clients, is that anti-virus software isn’t enough.  No matter what program you have, and no matter… Read more »

Twinbytes – Computer Repair Tip #1 – Physically clean your computer

This will be the first of many simple computer repair tips to help the average person prevent their computer from having problems, and also to repair certain problems on their computer. Dust is one of the major problems of computers slowing down, freezing and dying.  If your computer is in a dusty environment, you should clean it more often.  There… Read more »