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Articles on various DIY computer repair tips from basic to advanced. Instructions on how to actually fix specific problems.

Microsoft Office EOL (End Of Life) support

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If you didn’t know Microsoft Office software expires, you could be in trouble.  Most of us know we need to run Windows updates, but don’t always think about Office updates.  The updates patch vulnerabilities that could be exploited by hackers to get into our networks.  Having outdated software is like having your house locked but the door can be easily… Read more »

How to stop computer from going to sleep

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if you need remote access to your computer for either yourself on the road or for your tech support to work on your computer, there are two things to disable.  one is the computer in general goes to sleep, the other is the hard drive shuts itself off.  I will show you how to disable both. Another note is if… Read more »

FIX Trust relationship between this workstation and the primary domain failed

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How to fix “The trust relationship between this workstation and the primary domain failed”, without rejoining the domain! I have tried the suggestions previously when I first heard about it and for the life of me it just wouldn’t work.  I thought I was typing it wrong, until I found the problem I was having and the solution to fix… Read more »

Spring cleanup

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Now that spring has finally arrived, it’s a good reminder to think about spring cleaning.  Not just the house, but about your computers.  Whether it’s for business or just personal use, we use our computers for just about everything imaginable, and so they are huge targets for hackers to find lots of juicy information or simply take over your computer. … Read more »

Making your Facebook private

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I’ve been asked to help many people with locking down their Facebook either for themselves after being separated/divorced so their spouse can’t see all their activity, or for their children to make sure public in general can’t see them, especially school bullies viewing their profiles even though they are not friends.  Hackers use this to gain information about you to… Read more »

Problems with thin notebooks

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People are buying into the idea that thinner and lighter is better.  Sure light weight helps when you’re carrying around a notebook/laptop all day, however to make it lighter you are giving up a few features such as now having a smaller screen, smaller battery, no DVD drive, and a thin screen.  So you’re probably wondering why I say a… Read more »

Replace expired Windows Live Mail

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According to Microsoft, Windows Live Essentials Mail program has discontinued support on January 10, 2017.  If you have the program installed already, you can continue using it, however if you format your hard drive you will not be able to download it to reinstall. It has become a security threat now, the longer you keep it, the more vulnerabilities it… Read more »

How do you know you’ve been hacked?

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I get asked fairly often recently “how do you know if you have a hacker in your system”.  There is no short answer.  It would require hiring a security expert such as a penetration tester who tests networks for vulnerabilities to find if there is a sign of a hacker.  A regular computer technician will not be good enough.  If the hacker… Read more »

Windows 10 arbitrarily removing programs

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I’ve noticed this after a few phone calls from clients where programs (Specifically anti-virus) just disappeared on it’s own.  It seems this has been happening after major Windows updates are done in Windows 10.  Windows 10 is different from all the previous versions of Windows as it has two ways of doing updates. Regular Windows updates (Security patches and fixes) Major… Read more »

New Computer Checklist

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This checklist we created and provide at TwinBytes to all our customers requesting a new computer.  We update the list as things change over time.  Use this as a guideline to help you make sure you don’t forget a certain feature you might need in your new computer and avoid costly surprises having to go through a sometimes painful return process. … Read more »